Annie - flutter sleeved tunic 2T and 3T

Annie - flutter sleeved tunic 2T and 3T

The front and back of this tunic are equally stunning.  With a lace trimmed placket in front and a heart shaped cut out in the back.

The 95% organic cotton, 5% lycra bodice is fully lined and the skirt is made from a soft drapey bamboo rayon jersey. 

This beautiful tunic is named for Annie Easley the phenomenal NASA scientist:

"In 1955, Annie Easley began her career at NASA, then the National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics (NACA), as a human computer performing complex mathematical calculations.
When human computers were replaced by machines, Easley evolved along with the technology. She became an adept computer programmer, using languages like the Formula Translating System (Fortran) to support a number of NASA’s programs. She developed and implemented code used in researching energy-conversion systems, analyzing alternative power technology—including the battery technology that was used for early hybrid vehicles, as well as for the Centaur upper-stage rocket. Her contributions to the Centaur project framed the technological foundation for launching future satellites and space vehicles, including the 1997 launch of Cassini to Saturn.
Later in her career at NASA, she took on the additional role of equal employment opportunity (EEO) counselor. In this role she helped supervisors address issues of gender, race, and age in discrimination complaints at the lowest level and in the most cooperative way possible." ~Kindra Thomas,

As always, or items meet or exceed all CPSC compliance requirements for selling children's garments.